Kind words

“We LOVE Heather. Her creative spirit and calming personality were exactly what we wanted in a doula. I honestly don’t know what would have happened without Heather at my side. I am so thankful for her ability to have calmed me down and to have kept me focused in a positive way. Heather also took some of the most beautiful pictures of my family, which we will treasure as long as we live.My husband and I feel that engaging her services was the one thing that went better during our process. We will recommend her to every friend we have in the city who gets pregnant. If we have another child in the city, Heather will be the first person we will call after contacting our families because I want to make sure to get in her calendar!” – Lisa


“Having Heather as my doula was incredibly valuable! My labor went much faster than my doctor had anticipated, and Heather came over early on, and helped us know when to go to the hospital (many hours before my doctor had suggested!) If Heather hadn’t been with us, i’m not sure I would have made it to the hospital in time! She helped me manage my contractions, while keeping me hydrated. Heather also helped calm my husband. Because she was there with me, he could get our bags together and walk our dog, and do the other things that had to be done, all while knowing I was being taken care of.

Once she helped us get to the hospital, she was my constant advocator and cheerleader. She helped me express my wishes to the nurses and hospital staff when I was in labor and not able to express myself easily. (We had gone over all of my birth preferences in our meetings before hand, thankfully!) And I hadn’t even noticed that she was taking photos all along. I was pleasantly surprised when she brought our photo package over. She caught some of the most amazing moments without intruding! We never would have had those memories captured without her being there.

It was so reassuring to have another woman with me during this stressful process. And I can’t tell you how valuable it was to have someone around during my first pregnancy to tell me what was ‘normal’! It really made all the difference. I can not recommend her highly enough!!” – Rachel


“Heather was so instrumental during my labor and delivery. Her quiet guidance, gentle and compassionate presence and encouragement throughout my labor process kept me focused and as relaxed as possible. Heather’s work extends throughout the pre and postnatal timeframe, as she is always prompt to help answer questions which was incredibly valuable for this first time mom with lots of questions.

Aside from being so helpful during labor, Heather also shot gorgeous photos that documented the birth of our little boy. She is a brilliant photographer, capturing profound moments throughout the labor process. Her photos bring tears to my eyes each time I look at them.

There is no passage like giving birth and I feel so fortunate that Heather was with me to assist in this awesome and beyond challenging journey. She gave me strength when needed while preserving the experience on film so I can relive this awesome, once in a lifetime miracle whenever I want.

I can’t recommend Heather enough!” – Antonietta


“Heather helped me find and sustain a peacefulness during labor that would have likely eluded me without her. She brings forth such sensitivity and tenderness! Her photography is also an amazingly beautiful souvenir. I hope to be blessed enough to benefit from her presence again.” – Ioana


“Thank you for everything!!! The past few weeks have been a roller-coaster for me and you have been there to support me every step of the way. My life is forever changed now and I’m so glad I had you by my side every step of the way. XOXO” – Emilia


“Thank you, Heather for being there to document this pregnancy, Luca’s fast and furious birth, and our growing family! I’m so grateful for your artful images and the beautiful work you do! I’m absolutely amazed that you captured Luca’s birth despite how crazy dark it was and as a testament to how amazing you are. I had absolutely no idea that you were taking any photos at all prior or during Luca’s birth. Thanks for being amazing and great at what you do!” – Nicole


“Darling woman, I am not exaggerating when I say that I cannot look at these photographs without having full body chills and beginning to cry. It is the reaction I have when I see something so beautiful that I am taken not out of my body, but deeply INTO it. You have a gift and an eye and a confident expertise in this arena that I have never before seen. I am actively trying to get pregnant so I can use you in this capacity.” – Karen

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